Let's Get Real: I Had a Career Crisis

Like many college students, I made the decision to change my major.

 I have to say; it was one of the best decisions that I could have made. When I changed from Public Relations to Social Work, my parents, friends and extended family were shocked. But sometimes you just need to say: 'Hey, this isn't working for me' and change your major. And that my friends, is exactly what I did. 

However, it has continued to weigh heavily on me that so many people don't understand why I switched. I was asked if I was positive that I wanted to be in such a "depressing field" and I was questioned for why I would ever make the decision to pick an emotionally difficult career when I could just have it "easy" in PR. Of course, my internal reaction to this was: "Are you kidding me?". Social work felt like a natural, worthwhile and fulfilling career path to pursue, and that alone was enough to make me happy.

At one point, I was tired of the backlash that I was hearing for pursuing a career in social work. And for a short period of time, I caved. I considered switching to a pre-med track with a concentration in psychology and behavioral neuroscience, with hopes of either becoming a neuropsychologist, neurologist or a psychiatrist. 


I mean, when your own Doctor asks you: "Why aren't you pre-med?" you sometimes question why the heck you aren't pre-med, and I certainly did. I mean, why not? Shortly afterward, I thought back to that brief time in high school that I wanted to become a doctor and I remembered exactly why I had no plans whatsoever to become a Doctor. High level science and math? Years of residency? Yeah, not for me, but absolutely perfect for other people!

As much as I have the desire to become an M.D. or a neuropsychologist, it just isn't feasible.  I don't need an M.D. at the end of my name in order to be considered successful and being a social worker IS enough. After all, I'll be a darn good psychotherapist one day and that IS something to be proud of. So sometimes, switching your major can be a pain. But if it's the right major, it is oh so worth it.