Exclusive Guest Post: How to Clear your Head when you Have a Thousand Ideas

A thousand ideas. It’s a curse to so many of us. You have to-do lists that go on forever. Stacks of notes scattered all over your desk. And you’re always telling your spouse to remember to remind you of that really good idea that you just had. That works pretty well doesn’t it…..

Nothing really gets accomplished this way does it? Here are some things I do when I feel like I can’t even tie my shoes. #brainfog

Stop listening to podcasts (temporarily...don’t stop listening to Self-Made and Savvy forever...ehem): I stop listening to podcasts for about a week or so. This helps me get into my own head and reorganize my thoughts. I feel like when I listen to too many people about too many topics my brain fills up fast. I like to have noise on in the background when I am working most of the time, so I’ll shut the podcasts off and listen to one of my favorite shows or some music.

Stop reading other blogs: Again, temporarily. Same concept. If my brain is full, I can’t keep stuffing info into it. It will never be retained. For me anyway.

Make sure I’m getting enough sleep: Yeah, I know. When you’re a mom of 2 (and one on the way), it’s almost comical when people say that. You just want to tell people, yeah ok, I’ll have my assistant put the kids to bed tonight while my husband and I sip wine and talk about our next trip to Europe. But seriously, it’s so tempting to stay up late and get work done while it’s quiet in the house (heaven), but sometimes you have to say no to the computer and just hit the pillow. Get up early in the morning instead. Your mind will thank you.

Make sure I’m eating the right foods and hydrating: Simple, but commonly overlooked! I like to splurge (more often than I should), but I do know that certain foods will literally cause my brain to completely dumb down by several levels. So, yeah. Super sugary foods or big time processed junk food...does me and you no good. 99% of the time I drink a gallon of water a day too. I can tell immediately when I’m behind too. I feel dizzy and I can’t focus whatsoever on my work.

Get some fresh air: 

Even if it’s for five minutes. The fresh air will do you good. Take deep breaths. And focus on the present. Go for a walk! Let all the ideas, worries, and commitments go for a moment. Enjoy it.


I also use aromatherapy to help me focus while I’m working. I’ll either diffuse a made up combo or put a few oils on my diffuser necklace.

Put the electronics away:

It’s so tempting to catch up on work when everyone else is busy doing their thing, but ask yourself if this absolutely needs to be done NOW. More than likely no. Stop being so hard on yourself and take a break. Whether it’s for an evening, a day, or more. It’s okay!

Sit down and plan ahead:

Nothing helps me see ahead and feel more in charge than planning ahead. I love to write down what I want to accomplish, when, and how. Sometimes, the last thing I want to do is open up my laptop and start plugging away, so I’ll reach for my planner or even a notebook or a piece of paper and just start writing. It provides clarity for me and my business. All of my business tasks are then transferred over to a spreadsheet that really helps me lay it all out! This method makes the to-do list much less threatening.

Do you love planning as much as I do? I have two amazing tools to help you get started.

To get access to the planner template and the mini e-book just click here << LINK https://lindsaymaloney.leadpages.co/leadbox/147393373f72a2%3A155cf238b346dc/5712453606309888/ >>. I created the template myself and I am using it to plan out my year. I included a sample of mine so you have something to go off of. But, before you go and start filling it out, make sure you go through the e-book as I have a detailed strategy on how I want you to approach your planning mission.