Boyfriend Takeover: DIY Gifts for Her

*record scratch* *freeze frame* Yup, that's me! You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation. When Talia started off a conversation that we had the other day with: "So I'm going to need you to write something for the blog" I panicked.

See, writing isn't my thing. Art is. But writing is so her thing. Art on the other hand, not so much. When your girlfriend lovingly asks you to write a post for her four days before Valentine's Day, you get it done. Talia goes above and beyond in just about everything that she does; she puts so much effort into our relationship, her internship, schoolwork, this blog and the million other responsibilities that she has going on. 

Not only does she have a strong work ethic, but she's freaking hilarious. She doesn't take herself *too* seriously, and she's always coming back with these comebacks out of nowhere. I lucked out. 

Going back to her gift, I'm currently writing this while she's most likely working on stuff for school or chilling with her cat. If there's anything this woman loves, it's her cat, wine, and a good joke. Of course, she wouldn't budge when I asked her what she was getting me. 

Throughout the day, I kept on getting texts like: "Whatever you do, DON'T check the blog." I'm pretty sure she sent me 10-12 of those yesterday because she posted her suggestions yesterday. Apparently, we're doing "DIY gifts" which is entirely okay, but she has the advantage here because she has access to Pinterest. I have no idea how that thing freaking works. 

Here are a few DIY gifts that you can make yourself: 

1.) Heart shaped pizza

Pizza is kind of our go-to food on date nights. One of Talia's favorite things to do is drop hints about how much she wants us to make one. She also talks about how much she wants another cat. 

2.) Give your girl an at home spa day

Talia's motto. 

Talia's motto. 

If I had a dollar for every time my girlfriend said "I swear, I can feel the knots in my neck" I'd probably have enough money to buy her a lifetime pass to a masseuse. I'm personally planning to go to Target, get skin stuff that smells good and pop her neck back in place. Romance at it's finest. 

3.) Make a list of all of the cute and weird things that she does

If I were to make a list for Talia, here's how it would go: 

  1. She runs into everything. 
  2. She sends me breathing exercises to do when I'm stressed (this came in really handy when she met my parents)
  3. She drinks an insane amount of water every day
  4. She edits my Instagram pictures 
  5. She sends me previews of her outfit shoots (bloopers included)
  6. She ALWAYS listens when I tell her how my day went. 
  7. She treats my dog like an actual person and she always asks me how Lucy (my dog) is doing
  8. No matter how embarrassing something that happened to her is, she'll tell me about it.

Well, Talia's readers/ friends/ strangers of the Internet- it's been real. I got through my first post! We also collaborated with one of Talia's blogger friends, Kat and her Fiance recorded a video for YouTube. Talia will link them later on. 

Thanks for tuning in, 


Disclaimer: We are now broken up. However, our Valentine's day posts continue to be a favorite of everyone's. I hope that this post put a smile on your face and that you aren't reading this disclaimer now thinking "oh my gosh, AWKWARD". We left things on good terms, and we are by no means the type of exes that hate each other and write rude things in blog posts.