Exclusive Guest Post By Lindsay Maloney: How to Turn Your Passion into a Business

I truly believe we all have something to offer. Whether it be big or small - we all have something to give. We are living in 2016. Where information is at our fingertips. The answers are just a Google away. Ever sit at a table with a group of people and someone asks a random question that no one knows off the top of their heads? Everyone grabs their phone right? Because it was within arms reach. Right?

I remember when I was little and listening to my family having a discussion about a 1950’s song and no one could remember who sang it or what it was called. They either had to wait until it came to them or they would end up calling someone who they thought would know. They called the expert.

Now we can Google. We don’t have to wait for answers or for the library to open. It’s all right there in front of us. There is no stopping us. If I wanted to start a business on my own twenty years ago, ignore the fact that I would be 12, it would almost be impossible. I wouldn’t have had the money, the reach (I live in a super small town), and the people here couldn’t give a darn what I sold. I would be out of business. Fast.

The beauty of living in 2016 is we can do ANYTHING. Are you really good at making jewelry? Start a business. Are you really good at writing? Start a business. Are you really into health and fitness? Start a business! You can turn any of your passions into a business. But, here’s the kicker. Starting a health and fitness, writing, or jewelry business just isn’t enough anymore.

Everyone is starting their own online business now because it is so possible to make it. It really is. But, it’s getting pretty saturated. That’s why I said the fitness, writing, and jewelry businesses weren’t enough. You need to go deeper. And deeper.

Examples of going deeper with these topics:

  • Your passion in fitness can be narrowed down to helping women lose weight after giving birth.
  • Your passion in writing can be tailored to copywriting or teaching others how to write their first novel.
  • Your jewelry business can be narrowed down to specific jewels or stones, a technique or pieces. Like you could just sell crystal necklaces and be totally successful.

See how these topics and products were narrowed down? Don’t get nervous about doing this. This is exactly what you need to be doing. Would you rather be caught in a sea of everyone doing the same thing? Or would you rather take it a step further, go deeper, and stand out? Thought so.

Remember the expert we talked about in the beginning? The person who knew every artist and every song from the 1950’s? They were the go-to person. Everyone would ask them questions that had to do with 50’s pop culture. Because they were specific with what they knew. This was a passion of theirs.

Like I said, it’s not enough to start an online business based on music. You need to narrow it down. The broader the topic the harder it will be to stand out, give authority, and sell your products. So, you might be the type of person who has about a thousand ideas bouncing around in their head. You might be the person who has to-do lists all over the house. You love to learn and listen to people who are an inspiration. You change your mind at least once a week when it comes to an idea for a business. I’ve been there. Heck, I still struggle with it. You’re multi-passionate like me. Only difference is, I found my niche. And I had to dig deep. But, once I found it, the clouds lifted, I could see clearly, and I finally knew exactly who I was talking to. Alleluja.

It’s hard to find your spot in “life” much less find it in the business world right? I never thought I totally fit in with my peers. I always felt like I had an old soul. Like I knew I wanted and could do more than what was thought as “normal.” But I never knew what that could be. I did all of the normal things: graduated from high school, went to college, got married, and had kids. I knew there was more. I knew I was meant to do something. I just couldn’t find IT.

I created a way to help me put my thoughts together and to help me just finally pick something. I was tempted to just have somebody tell me what to do, but I knew that wasn’t right. I had to dig deep into myself, who I was, and what I could do. And then I had to dig even deeper and identify who needed me. And don’t think that no one needs you. Because they do. There is a group of people out there for you. It doesn’t matter what niche you are in, they’re there. I promise.

So how did I finally find myself, my niche, and turn it into a business? Let me show you.

What do you love to talk about?

I’m a talker. I love talking. I talk my husband’s ear off the minute he walks into the door. After I asked myself this question, “What do I love to talk about.” I started writing down everything I could think of. I did this quickly though. Too much thought can trip you up. In this case anyway… I knew, of course, that I loved to talk about my kids. I also loved to talk about different podcast shows i listened to, the latest webinar I attended, or book I read. I would talk about a variety of things. When I looked at the list though, I realized that all of these, except my kids, had to do with business. Women in business more specifically. Women wanting to start or grow their online business to be even more specific. I realized there really wasn’t a way for me to stop talking about this new email marketing sequence I created or the design on my website so I knew that these were my hot topics.

Who comes to you for advice?

Who do you identify with best? Then I had to think about who comes to me for advice. Most likely it’s a person you may know, at this stage in your business. Like a friend, family member, or co-worker. Or maybe you have some social media accounts up and people are always asking you questions about certain topics. Make list of all of these people. Who are they? Why do you think you identify with them? Why are they your favorite person to discuss this topic with?

What are the characteristics of this person. What pains and problems do they have?

This is where we start to go a little deeper on who they are. How old are they? Are they married? Employed? What do they like to do in their free time? What pains and struggles do they have? What problems keeps them up at night. What are the stressing about?

When I first started, I wanted to help everybody. I put that out there and no one heard me. Until I finally went through this exercise and realized, “wow, this person is me 2 years ago.” Crazy.

Yes, you could just take the easy way out and just make a customer profile of 2014 you. But, that’s not good enough. You need to answer the questions I asked you and you really need to write them down. It’s so important you do not ignore this exercise. Unless you like spinning on a hamster wheel.

By going from the idea of, “ I want to help every woman start her online business.” To, “I help creative, female entrepreneurs start and scale their business.” My audience is very familiar to me. They are in the 25-45 age range. They want to work from home, be with their kids, and help support their family. And they want to stand out because they finally believe that they have something wonderful to offer people.

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