The Obligatory Valentine's Day Post + DIY Gifts for Him

Fun Fact: I usually hate Valentine's day, but this year is extra special! 

It all started last semester in my abnormal psychology class, I was paired up with his sister for an assignment, and as we became acquaintances, she started talking to me about her brother in hopes that I would meet him. 

I started talking to him, and we immediately hit it off, it felt like I knew him for years! We texted and talked for hours about our crazy (and hilarious) day-to-day lives, and we bonded over our love of animals, The Office, and of course: bad puns.


It felt like a true friendship more than anything, and I wasn't too sure if he wanted to pursue a relationship because we had such a slow start. As the months went by, we drifted apart, and I stopped talking to him for a while (oops, sorry babe!), I could go on and on with excuses, but I honestly didn't feel like I had the time for a relationship. Then I remember thinking: "You know what? That's the dumbest thing ever, this guy is great" and we reconnected.

Nowadays, we cheer each other on and we try to work around our crazy schedules. We laugh a lot, make a lot of pizza, and he's about *this* close to getting trapped into taking my blog photos. Best thing about this? We both feel like we've lucked out! 

So, where does my Valentine's Day Gift to him come in? Well, here we go! 

Early on, I had a habit of firing back with these ridiculous puns, and he was all for it. That's sort of how my nickname "the pun princess" came about. Gifting beer or cologne seemed pretty basic, and I knew that I wanted to gift him something that fit the general feel of our relationship and bam, the idea of making an e-book of 23 cheesy puns was born. 

I made the e-book on Canva (I'm not posting the entire thing mainly because he hasn't seen it yet) but oh boy, it took a few hours to design everything exactly how I wanted it. I came up with a few of the puns on my own, but I have to give credit where credit is due: I also stalked Reddit for the perfect puns. Another thing that I wanted to do was make my own card, but I settled for the next best thing by printing out a sassy printable and writing him a LONG rambling note. 

I'm also gifting him a giant list of reminders for when he gets overwhelmed by his job (the dude works as a medic, trust me he needs it). I always try to ensure that he prioritizes his mental health and I wanted to throw in a little reminder that I've totally got his back. Agh, I never thought I would be this cheesy in a relationship.

Now that this post is coming to an end, I gotta shout out my real-life blogging BFF Kat of The Models Market! She DM'd me about writing a collaborative 'DIY Gifts for Him and Her' and I was hooked! Be sure to check out her blog: www.themodelsmarket and her feed on Insta: @themodelsmarket

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Disclaimer: We are now broken up. However, our Valentine's day posts continue to be a favorite of everyone's. I hope that this post put a smile on your face and that you aren't reading this disclaimer now thinking "oh my gosh, AWKWARD". We left things on good terms, and we are by no means the type of exes that hate each other and write rude things in blog posts.