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Meet Lindsay Maloney- 

I'm Lindsay. A small business owner, mom of two, and married to the best guy around. I have the mindset that anything can be figured out if you really feel passionate about the end result. I love working with women who crave answers, who are brain-stormers, and long to make their world brighter and shinier with that creative passion that only you possess.
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How to Turn your Passion into a Business:

NOVEMBER 18th 2017

I truly believe we all have something to offer. Whether it be big or small - we all have something to give. We are living in 2016. Where information is at our fingertips.

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How to Clear your Head when you have a Thousand Ideas:


A thousand ideas. It’s a curse to so many of us. You have to-do lists that go on forever. Stacks of notes scattered all over your desk.

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